i5 Research

i5 Research, Inc. is a technology assessment, research, and forecasting company headquartered in Cobourg, Ontario. Founded as an emerging technologies consulting firm in 2000 by Dr. Gary Woodill, under the name 1479874 Ontario Inc., i5 Research has worked for a diverse range of clients that has included Air Canada, the Toronto District School Board, Operitel Corporation, Konica Minolta USA, Brandon Hall Research, Homewood Health Center, University Health Network, ET Group, and Bell Canada.

The name i5 refers to the five tasks that i5 is dedicated to carrying out at the highest level of professionalism. These are:

Investigation of emerging technologies this may involve identifying problems, describing and understanding contexts for technology emergence, gathering information on new technologies, interviewing stakeholders about technology needs, and conducting research on specific technology problems.

Increasing insight into emerging technologiesdeveloping insight in order to have a deeper understanding of technologies can be achieved by researching and writing histories of specific technologies, identifying and plotting trends about technologies, forecasting the near future and distant future of specific technologies, developing scenarios about different possible futures of technologies, analysis of competition and business drivers for technologies, market research on emerging technologies, conducting focus groups on technologies, and producing reports and visualizations of emerging technologies.

Invention of tools, products and technology related business ideas i5 Research staff can assist in the generation of new ideas for tools and products, develop presentations on emerging technologies, invent and test prototypes of new technologies, refine new tools and products through focus groups and other means of feedback, defined new processes as a result of the introduction of new tools and products, carry out quality assurance testing, and develop business plans for new technology-based tools and products.

Innovation of processes and applications i5 Research can help design new applications, design new processes and procedures in the use of new technologies, help find new uses for products and tools, set up continuous improvement processes, suggest and find new markets.

Implementation of intelligence - i5 Research can suggest and write algorithms for new processes and procedures, help create knowledge storage and retrieval systems, suggest new IT infrastructure, review procedures to increase knowledge flow, and help develop smarter organizations.

The five tasks also represent the various stages of the life cycle of any emerging technology, from idea conception to running a thriving technology business. Call us or fill in the question box on the home page to start a conversation about your company’s needs.

Gary Woodill, CEO